Remove layer from layer list
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Consider Adding "VertiGIS Studio Search" Component
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Add "Grouped Results" events (To hide highlights when results are grouped)
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Transparency Sliders
0 votes 2 comments
Drawing Tool Functionality: Essentials vs VSW
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Switch Between AGOL and Portal Accounts when Adding Layer
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VS Web Dashboard Template
2 votes 3 comments
Custom URL via IIS
1 vote 5 comments
Turn on\off all layers in the viewer (or within a group)
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"Add Results" Feature Action command
2 votes 1 comment
Provide ability to set Maximum Return Number of Records for Query Builder
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Workflow Sample Site in Web
6 votes 3 comments
Concurrent editing in Web Designer overwrites each others edits
4 votes 5 comments
Layer Preset configuration
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Remember screen size settings per layout in the designer
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Replace Rows with Columns in designer
3 votes 4 comments
Responsive Design
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Feature Actions - Results List and Results Details Separate Configuration
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Not Supported - different users with different access to some layers in main web map
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Coordinate display
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Add capability to configure measurement calculation type
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Adding Bing Maps as Basemaps in VertiGIS Studio Web
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Query Builder - Custom sort fields
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Information Description for Custom Templates in VertiGIS Studio Web
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Export to File Geodatabase Planned
3 votes 1 comment
Edit related records when 'enable one-to-one attribute display' is enabled
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Label Style editing Completed
0 votes 2 comments
Turn on Layer Being Queried and Filtered Planned
4 votes 1 comment
dropdown menu in display summary Planned
7 votes 6 comments
Get rid of the extra "Sign in " popup window when launching a secure VertiGIS Studio Web App Not planned
4 votes 3 comments