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Customize Measurement Labels



  • Permanently deleted user
    I would also add a vote to be able to turn the measurement labels off completely.
  • Tammy Sikma

    I have users asking for the ability to show the measurement labels more akin to drafting annotation -- slightly offset but parallel to measurement line (with or preferably) without background.

    Some users have also requested the ability to turn off the cumulative measurement total completely, while others like what it does if not how it looks.

    Any additioanl improvements on the horizon?

  • Deep Bhari
    Definitely something we can benefit with our internal site with over 500 users.

    Deep Bhari
  • Peter Jackson
    This tool was used frequently by several hundred users of our Silverlight viewer but as others have said the measurement labels in the HTML5 viewer are obtrusive and still discouraging users from moving from Silvelight to the equivalent HTML5 applications.

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