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Issue with 'calculate service area' activity


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  • Ken Lyon

    Zorba Conlen If you are running this activity in a browser based application such as VertiGIS Studio Web, you could take a look at the network traffic to see what parameters are being sent to the network analysis service.

    The workflow activity itself does not do anything special itself. It collects together the parameters, sends the request and then outputs the results that were received.

  • Zorba Conlen

    Hi Ken,

    Good thought. I did as you suggested and found that the request for a good result vs a bad one, are identical, except for minor difference in the facility location, which should not impact the service area. I also inspected and compared the response objects and they seem identical, except for the geometry returned.

    After going through that exercise, I'm thinking the problem is more likely on the Esri side. 

    Thanks for the reply.

  • Ken Lyon

    Zorba Conlen You're welcome. I'm glad I could help!


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