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Query a Table


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  • Brian Bulla

    Let me add some context here too.  Maybe I don't need to query the table at all.

    So what is happening is, the user is selecting one of the related inspections.  What I am trying to have happen is that they click on the “Complete Work” button/workflow and then the attribute WORKCOMPLETEDDATE (in the inspection record) gets updated with the current date….and the INSP_STATUS field on the feature gets updated to show up as ‘green’ on the map.

    With the inspection attributes already showing on the form, do I still need to do a “Query Table” to get to them??

  • Nelson Dobbs

    If you do need to query the table or write to the table.  You can use the “Get Table” Activity and then pass through the “=$getTable.Table” (or whatever the ID is) to the Layer Input Argument in the Query Layer activity or the Add/Update Feature activities.  


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