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Designer login Issue


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  • Ken Lyon

    I think this can happen when the Designer and Workflow Server are not configured to use the same ArcGIS Enterprise. The designer is sending the portal url and access token but the server is rejecting them because it's unable to validate it.

    Double-check your portal settings for Workflow Server in the Post Installer and make sure the Portal URL and App ID match what the designer is connecting to.

  • André Dames

    Hello Ken Lyon ,

    Thanks for your reply. In our case these two match. It's really strange as we did a clean installation and according to the books.

  • Ken Lyon

    André Dames Could you please refer to the note in the Requirements > Supported ArcGIS Software section of the Workflow documentation to see if that situation applies to you. You may need to install the Web Adaptor Extension.

    For the version of portal you're using, it would be this one that you need:

  • Gareth Evans

    Further to what Ken had pointed out, I have only seen this come up in a scenario where the customer had a forward proxy set on their client machines. Do you know if a proxy (either forward, filtering connections outwards) or reverse (filtering connections into the AGE) is in play here?


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