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Trouble Connecting SearchForm Result to Zoom To Feature


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  • Berend Veldkamp

    Without seeing the actual workflow we can only guess what's going wrong. 

    • Is queryAddress activity actually called, or does the If before it happen to be False?
    • Do you have Return Geometry set to True in queryAddress?
    • Could you add &debug=true to the URL of your viewer, then open F12 > Console, and then run your workflow? This will let you inspect which activities are being called, including their inputs and outputs
    • See F12 > Network to inspect the request that queryAddress executes, does it give any results? (you may want to filter the list by ‘query’


  • Zack Robison

    Berend's advice is great.  It doesn't sound like you've peeked at the console yet, this is invaluable to debugging your WFs.  Only thing I'd add is that if your query isn't giving you results, I would check out its query REST endpoint and figure out how to make the query you need because this is generally faster than re-running your WFs.


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