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Add clickable graphic to the map


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  • Gareth Evans

    Hi Berend Veldkamp no, I believe you must add your feature to an ArcGIS Server backed feature service.

    See the Maps SDK for JS on identify: “Performs an identify operation on the layers of a map service exposed by the ArcGIS Server REST API.” From that, I infer it is only map service layers and not the graphics layer.

    See also GraphicsLayer where they mention “It is generally preferred to construct a FeatureLayer with its source property when working with client-side graphics since the FeatureLayer has more capabilities than the GraphicsLayer, including rendering, querying, and labeling.”

    I would suggest you make a Feature layer, even a dummy one, to throw your feature in. Another thought there is if this is an un-authenticated context you could allow public editing on your dummy layer.



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