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How can you create a geometry stamp/template for Geometry Picker?


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  • Gareth Evans

    Hi Julia, can you clarify a bit here - are you looking to have users required to have a 500x500m selection polygon for the picker, or something else?

  • Julia van Ravenswaaij

    Hi Gareth, yes that's exactly what I'm looking for. Users would be required to use the 500x500m selection square instead of a regular or freehand polygon selection. 

  • Nico Burgerhart

    You can try to modify the drawn geometry in a change event to a square polygon geometry.

    Or you can let the user draw a (center)point and construct a square polygon geometry afterwards.

  • Julia van Ravenswaaij

    Thanks for the ideas Nico! I was already leaning towards the second option as a backup. It's the easiest to control and modify, especially when considering that the next step is to ensure that the squares snap together at the edges


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