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  • Cam Carmichael

    Hi Jeff

    I think what you are looking at is a change we made to Designer several releases ago. Prior to that there was an empty ‘canvas’ with some instructions on how to preview an app in Studio Go. We wanted to get closer to Web Designer - which actually loads your web map and builds an interactive view of an app that you are building - but because we run apps on iOS, Android and Windows we couldn't find a technology solution that could get us there - so we built this ‘layout preview’ instead.

    With this new layout preview, we offer another way to navigate the component tree on the right (which can sometimes grow to be difficult to find things). For example, you can simply hover over the I want to… button in the top right to see a settings cog appear 

    and clicking this automatically navigates the component tree on the right to that section and makes it active.

    Hope this helps!


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