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  • Tom Berg

    Hello Brian,

    Mobile should respect any attribute rules you configure for a given feature layer.

    That said, it's possible there might be issues with specific attribute rule configurations done via ArcGIS Pro

    For troubleshooting purposes, I have a few questions.

    1. what type of environment are you using, eg. AGOL, Portal?
    2. care to share the specific attribute rule you are using
    3. anything about the environment that we should know?


    Tom Berg

  • Brian Bulla

    Hi Tom.  Well the Monile app is running through AGOL.  The rule is pretty basic, and just looking for changes in certain fields.  If there is a change, then the MXCREATIONSTATE attribute is updated accordingly.

    Nothing fancy going on.

    if ($feature.FACILITYID != $originalfeature.FACILITYID || $feature.CONTRACTNO != $originalfeature.CONTRACTNO || $feature.LIFECYCLESTATUS != $originalfeature.LIFECYCLESTATUS || $feature.OWNERSHIP != $originalfeature.OWNERSHIP || $feature.LOCATIONDESCRIPTION != $originalfeature.LOCATIONDESCRIPTION || $feature.DEPOTAREA != $originalfeature.DEPOTAREA || $feature.WALLMATERIAL != $originalfeature.WALLMATERIAL || $feature.MHDIAMETER != $originalfeature.MHDIAMETER || $feature.SUBTYPECD != $originalfeature.SUBTYPECD) {

        return 1

    } else 


  • Tom Berg

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for clarifying. I'm still working on setting up a local environment to re-create the issue.

    I had forgotten to ask initially, does Fields Maps exhibit the same behavior, when editing a feature with the attribute rule, or does it only happen in Mobile?



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