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Create Map Area -- What Does "Filter Data by Definition Expression" Do?


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  • Berend Veldkamp

    As far as I know, this will prevent any possibly unwanted data from being downloaded when going offline.


    Say you have a layer containing 1000 features, but you only need to take a few of those with you, you can set a definition expression (aka 'filter') on that layer before creating the map area. Only the features that match the filter will be downloaded to your device.

  • Jeff Siemens

    Hi Keith,

    You can use the Set Layer Definition Expression activity in Workflow to apply one or more layer definition expressions. Then, if that switch is on, when the data is downloaded, only the data that matches the current definition expression for each layer will be downloaded to the device. If the switch is off, all data will be downloaded to the device, regardless of the current layer definition expression.


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