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Edit related table but not feature


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  • Brian Bulla

    Hello??  Just wondering if what I am asking is do-able or just something that is impossible to do?

    Is there anybody out there??

  • Jeff Siemens

    Hi Brian,

    Unfortunately there isn't a way to do this out of the box. As soon as you disable editing of the feature, you will also lose the ability to add related records.

    A solution that I can think of that involves a little bit more work would be to create a feature action that:
    1. Invokes a workflow
    2. In the workflow, run the "edit.display-add-related-feature" command. It isn't documented unfortunately, but you should be able to wire it up. It takes the following properties:

      "feature": [GcxFeature] The original feature from the original layer,
      "relationshipId": [string] id of the relationship,
      "relatedFeatureSource": the layer extension of the feature for the other layer (the related layer) that doesn't yet have a feature created yet, but that you want to create a feature for


  • Brian Bulla

    Thanks Jeff.  I'll give this a try.


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