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GUI-Import of locations and Address-Update should be granted by Extended User Right module



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  • Jeff Connacher
    • Community-Manager

    If a user has the necessary create rights it is logical that the functionality should be available to them. However the completion and release of GUI templates is on the roadmap (for the midterm view) which will allow for the customization of menus based on user roles

  • Björn Garten

    Hi Jeff,

    you're absolutly right. Users without the permission to change locations shouldn't see this.
    Therefore I raised a Bug on it!

    For the Idea to use the GUI-Profiles you should discuss this with Rolf. I agreed with him that authorisation on GUI-Level is not the right architecture on securing a system.

    Please make yourself faimiliar with the user right concepts of ConnectMaster.
    My Request is really comparable to "Copy Location network", where a user can be granted to execute a mass activity, even he can do the single activity.

    Best Regards


  • Jeff Connacher
    • Community-Manager

    While one may or may not be familiar with the user rights concepts in ConnectMaster, the issue is multi-faceted and from a Product point of view cannot be inflexible.

    Access to single functions vs a bulk workflow requiring system level security in the bulk case is quite debatable since there could be many such cases and does not really go to the issue of security, but rather specific customer preferences which could have many permutations and certainly not limited to what is under discussion here.

    GUI-Profiles (a roadmap item only and not released) would offer flexibility at the customer level - not security and is far more flexible. It would be able to achieve the same effect and provide for many more use cases.



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