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Idea for all Help documentation, accross product lines: give us examples!


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  • Stefan Schweigert

    Hi Julia,

    Thanks for your feedback. Could you provide more details about what would be helpful; Web or Mobile, which activities have been problematic, and possibly some specifics on the errors that we could improve on?


  • Julia van Ravenswaaij

    Hi Stefan,

    In my case, Web would be most helpful. Run command is the first activity that pops to mind, but in general all activities could benefit from examples - take a look at the Esri toolset documentation for a few ideas. 
    Here's an example of an error:
    I know now that I was missing "value.numeric" at the end, but it took me longer than I would've liked to figure that one out. It would've been really helpful to know what value was expected, in addition to what was not. 



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