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    Gareth Evans

    Hi Ted

    We do have the ability to up/down vote comments. There is also a method to get the permalink to a comment

    Here's a permalink to this comment: https://support.vertigis.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/11497591146514/comments/11497551157138 

    You can get to that via the gear on the right:

  • Ted Cronin

    Isn't the permalink like a url?  Are these forums RSS based?  Basically can I use an RSS reader?  I see the vote up/down, but sometimes I dont want to vote but I do want to agree with what is said.

  • Ted Cronin

    Voting makes sense on the ideas section of the community, vs the forums section of the community.

  • Gareth Evans

    Yes, the permalink is a URL. Though I'm inferring what you're looking for is more of an interface to 'favourite' specific posts/comments so you can come back to them, is that accurate?

    Regarding RSS, I'm not aware of any integration that Zendesk provides for RSS readers. My understanding is that the Community is intended to be used via web browser. 

  • Ted Cronin

    Yes that is accurate.


    RSS would be nice.  Personally its easier for the Esri Community, as thousands of posts are happening but would be nice here.  I like to review this stuff on my iPad.


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