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Community Site Search Functionality


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    Lance Bolton

    Hi Bryan,


    Thanks for the feedback, we appreciate it! I can understand some of your frustrations when it comes to navigating the community site, as well as how the search function performs. The 'community' part of the URL is definitely a bit misleading as this is actually just the name of the subdomain, as our originally desired 'support.vertigis.com' is already in use.


    We do have plans to expand the search options for the community in the future, and we have also started to look at how we can best improve integration of the discussion topics within the context of our service platform. I will ensure your feedback is heard and considered as we move forward with the site improvements in the future.


    We recommend making a bookmark to https://community.vertigis.com/hc/en-us/community/topics in the interim as this will present the community topics you are looking for.


    Thank you again for the feedback!

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