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VertiGIS Studio License expiration warning worries our customers, can we provide additional info?


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  • Gareth Evans

    Hi Tom van der Meer

    Parroting a post by Vince Wruck, from our partner community:

    As many customers have annual term dates, we have had a few questions lately (and sometimes urgent requests) regarding licenses. The table below starts with the notifications regarding trial licenses and then summarizes the alerts for normal licenses. You will note that while a customer using the designers will see some warnings prior to, and just after, expiration, we give a great deal of leeway with respect to what the end user sees. An end user won't see anything until 60 days after expiration. This provides the customer plenty of time to pay their annual renewal.

    If your customers are contacting you about this, panic aside, it is a good thing as it means they have people working to develop workflows, reports, etc - creating more value for their organizations.

    To answer your question (with a question of my own) - "Could we maybe add a link to the warning messages with additional info?" 

    This is certainly possible. What would this linked page contain, a disclaimer that end users don't see this licensing warning?


  • Tom van der Meer

    Hi Gareth,

    Thank you for your response. If the page gave a short explanation that end users don't see this licensing warning, together with your table, that would be very helpful!


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