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Filter out Essentials community content


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  • Max Molello

    Date filters and ordering could be great too. It's really annoying when I try to search and end up seeing 6 year old posts about things that are no longer around, don't work, and wouldn't apply to the new software

  • Nico Burgerhart

    You can apply the following filters to see only search results from Essentials:
    Source = VertiGIS Support
    Type = Community
    By Topic = Geocortex Essentials

  • Eric Kriener

    agree with Max Molello except I'm getting stuff from 2011...

  • Berend Veldkamp

    Can I please upvote this more than once? I rarely need Essentials posts these days. And if we could filter by module (web, workflow, ...) that would be even more awesome

  • Erik Engstrom

    This site leaves a lot to be desired.


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