Register a VertiGIS Studio subdomain

The short name consists of 

  • ASCII letters [a-z], digits [0-9] and hyphen [-] 

  • 2 to 16 characters 

  • A recognizable, unique identifier that matches your organization

We do not guarantee your short name choice. We suggest you send us your first, second, and third choice to reduce back-and-forth if your first choice is unavailable.

The URL to your on-premises Esri ArcGIS Enterprise Portal.


Your URL must be HTTPS secured, we cannot re-direct to unsecured URLs.

If you need guidance in creating an app in your Esri ArcGIS Portal registering it, allowing redirect URLs or in locating the application ID please consult the VertiGIS Studio product documentation.

Note that when following these instructions your subdomain URL ( must be added as an allowed redirect of the app. If you supply a first, second, and third choice for your short name, you may wish to add all three possibilities as redirect URLs. If you have previous redirect entries for, we suggest you leave those in place and add new entries for