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Now Available: VertiGIS Studio Search 1.6


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    Jakob Furrer

    As the What's New section will be updated as soon as possible, see the details here:

    New Features

    • Support for searching on Esri subtype group layers
      • [App Designer] Support configuring search type 'VertiGIS Studio Search' on Esri subtype sublayers
      • [App Designer] Disallow searching on Esri subtype group layers
      • [Search Designer] Support for previewing search values on a subtype sublayer
    • Support for on-premises scenario with a different directory path for ArcGIS Portal and ArcGIS Server [238575]

    Behavioral Changes and UX Improvements

    • [Search Designer] Copy a Studio Search app of type 'Universal' when it is saved under a different name [280761]
    • [App Designer] Copy the associated Studio Search app when saving a Studio Web app under different name [246189]
    • [App Designer] Fixed the issue that an associated Studio Search app must be deleted when leaving the App Designer without ever actually saving the Studio Web app [251992]
    • [Search Designer] For a 'Universal' search app, when adding a search resource, skip the group layer automatically if one is present in a multilayer feature service [205035]
    • [Search Designer] Respect the configured locale for number and date/time values in the search field and object name previews [261109]
    • [Search Designer] Broken links to online docs have been fixed [290637]

    Security and Technology

    • Removing sensitive data from URL when sending Search API requests [254064]


    • [Search API] When updating an existing subindex the search fields are passed in the body of the PATCH request instead of the URL  [261175]
    • Support creating a subindex that contains only a subset of features of given Esri resource [282722]
    • Support updating a private Esri resource (feature layer, table) via PUT /api/resources/{resourceUuid} endpoint [274597]
    • [Search Designer] Passing a valid Esri refresh token to the backend if it is missing or expired [283482]


    • Fixed the data consistency errors that showed after installing VSS on-premises [282853]
      • Removed all sample data from the search index [283177]
    • Fixed the issue that scheduled jobs to auto rebuild subindices were not created when search-settings module or MongoDB is not running at start [282817]
    • Fixed the timing issue by starting the Windows services of Studio Search module after the Windows services of Apache Solr and MongoDB [282824]
    • [Search Designer] Fixed issue when creating a resource for a 'Universal' app - Select layer not possible - Token required [243558]
    • [App Designer] Fixed the URL that shows up after a search of type 'VertiGIS Studio Search' has been set on a layer/table [280089]
    • [Search Designer] Fixed the issue with preview values of Esri resource when a where clause containing a '>' operator is present [285879]
    • [Search Designer] Fixed the issue that the list of apps and the list of subindices lost their sorting order after a manual refresh [253629]

    Known Issues

    In Search Designer, the 'Rebuild' button does not trigger reindexing a 'VertiGIS Studio Web' search resource, when no search suggestion description pattern has been configured on that resource.


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