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feature sometimes doesn't draw but is always clickable



  • Steffen Helgerod

    Is this layer rather detailed? Line features with a lot of vertices etc? Only going from memory here but I had a similar issue years ago and I resolved it by changing a couple settings that extended the timeout on draw time on the layers and allowed GXE to reduce the vertices or smoothed them out? Sorry not much help but may give you more ideas on where to look.

  • Melanie Ross

    Oh interesting. This feature was originally a circle (so yes, many vertices). I did try setting the timeout and refresh interval to over a minute just to check. I also changed the feature to a rectangle, still no luck. How did you “allow GXE to reduce the vertices or smoothed them out”?

    Thank you for your response!

  • Nico Burgerhart

    I think Steffen Helgerod means the maxHighlightableGeometryVertices and geometryGeneralization settings on the Highlight module.



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