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Now Available: VertiGIS Studio Search 1.5


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  • Jakob Furrer

    As the What's New section will be updated as soon as possible, see the details here:

    New Features

    • Indexing features from a Dimension Layer [258683]
    • [Designer] Reindex Options (Part One): "Reindex Deltas only" [245111]
    • Respect locale in suggestions in VSW for date values [254987,261096]
    • Respect locale in suggestions in VSW for float values [253794]
    • Provide POST /api/apps/{appUuid}/subindices/v2 in the Search API [259609]

    Behavioral Changes and UX Improvements

    • Correction of invalid date format on the KPI card [246119]
    • Disallow long description pattern for app type VSW in Search API, instead a "Search Suggestion" can be configured [258438, 257450]
    • Improve logging when exchanging refresh tokens [259694]
    • Display UUID of both app and resource in mouse hover label [259755,261285]
    • Validating the search fields passed to Search API when creating or updating a subindex [254679]

    Security and Technology

    • [Security] Upgraded to react-scripts  5.0.1 (CVE-2024-29180) [257561,261286]
    • [Security] Upgraded Apache Solr libraries: http2-common, jetty, libexpat, protobuf, zookeeper [259494, 260785, 261244, 261245, 260784]
    • [Security] Upgraded to WiX Toolset 3.14.1 [261479]
    • [Security] Migrate from CRA to vite [257816]
    • [Security] Upgraded to Azure Cosmos DB API 4.2 for MongoDB access [257372]
    • [Devops] Continuous vulnerability scanning for Studio Search container images enabled [260994]


    • [Engine] Remove auth query string parameter from GET api/resources/{resourceUuid}/fields-preview endpoint [261200]
    • [Designer] Remove auth parameter from GET api/resources/{resourceUuid}/fields-preview endpoint [261379]
    • Complete language strings for German language in Transifex [256831]


    • Index Creation with large datasets failed due to token expiration [243538]
    • [VSW/VSS] Component settings hang when creating Studio Search app if login token is expired [251989]
    • [VSW/VSS] Creating a VSS resource with non-existing resource fields [253728]
    • [VSW/VSS] VSS app not found because of back-link pointing to the same (VSW) host [257062]
    • [Engine] Refresh token not properly exchanged and applied for scheduled re-builds [259578, 259756, 259778]
    • [Engine] Failed to get properties of subindex in scheduled full rebuild [260883]
    • Add next liniting rules (for example for naming convention and member ordering) and apply Prettier on all files [245603]
    • Passing search fields in POST body when activating search on a layer [252170, 259620, 259779]
    • Swagger UI uses the default virtual directory path even if a custom one has been configured in the Post Installer [259839]
    • Updates from an existing 1.3+ installation fail in various ways [260161]

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