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    Jakob Furrer

    Hello Brandon,

    this functionality is already available, both for on-premises installations and in our SaaS environments (.com and .eu). Please use the current versions, which is v5.28 for VertiGIS Studio Web and v1.4 for VertiGIS Studio Search.

    Our deployment concept allows diverse combinations (e.g. Studio Web on-premises using Studio Search “.com SaaS" etc).
    In the simplest case both products are installed/available on the same host and can be used without further connectivity configuration.

    VertiGIS Studio Search can be activated on a layer or table as follows:

    • Open the respective app config in the VertiGIS Studio Web App Designer.
    • Navigate to the config element "Map" and scroll to the section “Layer Extensions” or “Table Extensions”.
    • Open the respective layer or table and verify in which field search shall be possible.
    • By default, all fields are searchable, but in practice restricting the search to a few specific fields with meaningful values will offer the best results.
    • Scroll to the section “Task Settings” and change the “Search Type” setting to the value “VertiGIS Studio Search”.

    Using the link, you can now inspect the newly created search configuration in the VertiGIS Search Designer.
    Of course, on can now also use the central search area in the app (wither in the preview of the App Designer or after launching the app in its own browser tab) and retrieve search results, for example also using a “*” (asterisk character).


    Jakob Furrer

  • Brandon Price

    Thanks Jacob for the details. I had an issue with getting it to switch from ESRI to VertiGIS Studio Search. It kept saying “Loading Configuration” but never successfully loaded. The layer is a sublayer. Maybe this is the issue? I will try it as an independent layer to see what happens.

  • Jakob Furrer

    Hi Brandon,
    there is a known issue fitting your description (Bug 251989: [VSW/VSS] Component settings hang when creating Studio Search app if login token is expired) that has been resolved. The fix will become available with VertiGIS Studio Search v1.5 which is scheduled to be released mid April.
    A similar issue (Bug 259684: Cannot set Search Type to VSS in SaaS subdomain Web apps) that has not been completely resolved yet is limited to deployments using a VertiGIS subdomain (i.e., an address in the form I presume that this is not applicable in your case.

    Is the problem limited to the sublayers, or was that simply the first layer you picked by chance?
    Sublayers are generally supported, with the exception of "subtypes group layers". There's a prioritized user story to implement support for those.

    Please try to refresh (logout and login) your Studio Web Designer and try again. On the layer in question, you will have to revert the search type back to ‘Standard Esri Search’ and then set it once more to "'VertiGIS Studio Search'. The process of activating Studio Search as described above should work fine, as long as a valid token is used.
    If all fails and you feel like debugging, you could have a look at the request that is being sent to the Studio Search API by using the network monitor of your browser developer tools (F12 key). That might give some additional insight what's going wrong in you case.


  • Nataliya Lys

    I'm having the same issue with switching to the VertiGIS Studio Search, it gets stuck on "loading configuration…'. I have built a handful of VertiGIS sites, and this is the first site I'm running into this issue. 

  • Brandon Price

    Thanks for the tip Jacob. I tried enabling studio search for a layer not in any group and still got the same loading issue. We have our own VertiGIS Studio Web hosted locally which doesn't have that issue according to my colleague. I will move forward with that version. 

  • Nataliya Lys

    I got my search working. In my case I discoved that my VertiGIS Website was holding on to none-existing VertiGIS studio search configuration. So it would not let me create a new VertiGIS studio search.  And it was just stuck on 'Loading configuration…". 

    I looked at the site JSON file and found where that search was referenced. I removed these three lines, after that I was able to save my site, and create a new VertiGIS Studio Search. 


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