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Universal Search Config - how does it work?



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    Jakob Furrer

    Hi Nataliya,

    There are two distinct types of search configurations that are created and managed differently.

    • Type “VertiGIS Studio Web” (native Studio Web integration)
      • These configs are created by activating the search type “VertiGIS Studio Search” on a resource (i.e., feature layer) in an app config. Please use the VertiGIS Studio Web Designer to do so. The search type can be found in the section “Layer Extensions” of the element “Map”. 
      • VertiGIS Studio Web and VertiGIS Studio Search an tightly integrated. About 95% of a typical search configuration can be managed from within the VertiGIS Studio Web Designer. Specific details can be adjusted in the VertiGIS Studio Search Designer.
      • This is the preferred way to couple VertiGIS Studio Web and VertiGIS Studio Search.
      • A config of this type is removed automatically, when the app config is changed in such a way, that the search type “VertiGIS Studio Search” is not used anymore for any of the resources.
    • Type “Universal” (third-party integration)
      • These configs can be created directly in the VertiGIS Studio Search Designer.
      • They can be used to access and integrate VertiGIS Studio Search in any software, GIS or non-GIS, provided by VertiGIS or even a third-party products.
      • Note that a customized implementation needs to be provided for displaying the search results.
      • A specific "VertiGIS Studio Web Integration Workflow" has been prepared to integrate such a configuration in VertiGIS Studio Web.
        Note that the workflow code (JSON) is provided in version 1.4.1, while the installation guide (PDF inside the ZIP-file) has remained unchanged since version 1.1.0.
        However, in most cases the native integration (using a type “VertiGIS Studio Web” config as described above) is preferred.

    Jakob Furrer

  • Nataliya Lys

    Jakob, thank you for the additional information. 

    I got the ‘VertiGIS Studio Web’ (native integration) Search working with my apps. It seems to be pretty straight forward. 

    The ‘Universal’ search is something I don't fully understand. I will take a look a the worflow you provided. 

    I was under impression that the Universal Search would be used in following way: for ex.: you configure the Universal Seach for ‘Parcels’ data, to search by property Address and/or Property ID, and then you link your Universal Search to all the sites where you want to use that search. So you would have one Universal search used for multiple VertiGIS sites, if needed, vs having to configure a search for a Parcel layer in each site.  But i'm no sure if that is the intent of Universal search or not? 

    Are there any benefits in using the ‘VertiGIS Studio Web’ (native integration) Search vs Universal search within the Vertigis Studio Web? 


    Thank you,

  • Jakob Furrer

    Universal configs only work in Studio Web by using a customized Studio Workflow.
    The main intent of Universal configs is to use them for an integration in any other (third-party) product. However, these integrations needs to be developed first, by VertiGIS or an enthusiastic customer.

    When multiple web apps use Studio Search to access the same layer, there is indeed a theoretical approach, to setup an Universal config for that search resource and then include the VertiGIS Studio Web Integration in each web app to provide search results from that resource.

    I see the following advantages:

    • The same subindex subindex definition (i.e., indexed search fields, object name definition for the search result suggestions) is used for all projects.
    • Less storage space is needed, because there is only one single search index being maintained.


    • Integration in Studio Web using Studio Workflow was used as a first prototype. But it will not be developed any further by VertiGIS.
    • The preferred way ist the native integration, which allows configuring the search from within the Studio Web App Designer.
      Setting up and maintaining a search config wit a Workflow is cumbersome, as the changed config needs to be copied manually into workflow. The native integration removes that pain completely.
    • In a typical web app, Studio Search is used for a multitude of search resource, not just one single layer.
      As the web apps differ, also the searchable layers will differ from app to app. maintaining that using Workflow alone is very frustrating. Using multiple workflows or combining workflow with the native integration is suboptimal and confusing, because there would would be individual search input textfields for each resource instead of one centralized search input area.
    • The native integration gracefully handles results from different search services (e.g. Studio Search, Esri attributive search and Geolocators). In the near future there the will be additional UI controls to filter and refine the fetched search results. The Search Workflow will no be developed any further.



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