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Now Available: VertiGIS Studio Web 5.28.1



  • Nico Burgerhart

    Cam Barnard

    Will Workflow 5.37.1 become available here?

  • Cam Barnard

    Nico Burgerhart

    Short answer: An updated installer for VSWF 5.37.1 is not required, nothing in the Designer or the installer package changed.

    Longer answer: When you look under the hood at VSWF architecture you see there is 'design time' and 'run time' aspects to the product. The 'run time' aspects of the product aren't part of what is installed on-premises by the VSWF installer; instead they are published as NPM packages that can be used by products embedding them (as Web does) or by products that want to consume and use them live (as some other clients do).
    The only thing that changed in this case is the 'run time' NPM packages and so an updated VSWF installer is not required. 

  • Nico Burgerhart

    OK, that's clear, when the change is in the runtime part.


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