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Now Available: VertiGIS Studio Search 1.4


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    Alfredo Jakob

    As the What's New section will be updated as soon as possible, see the details here:

    New Features

    • Support for asset groups and asset types
    • [Studio Web] Support configuring Studio Search for an Esri Table


    Behavioral Changes and UX Improvements

    • [Studio Web] Observe current browser locale when searching using Search API
    • [Search Designer] Search config "Universal": Support selecting an Esri Table as a resource [249703]
    • [Search Workflow] Search requests shall use searchAssistance=COMBINED instead of SIMPLE


    Security and Technology

    • [Security] Upgrade to TypeScript 5.0 [255341]
    • [Security] Upgrade to react-ui v13 [254831]
    • [Security] Upgrade to react-scripts [199172]
    • [Security] Fix vulnerabilities indicated by Trivy [248380, 213973]
    • [Security] Fix authentication issues regarding copy of portal item [254191]
    • [Security] Fix inadequate permission check when editing a configuration [254194]
    • [Security] Disallow editing the resource URL when changing a VSS resource (subindex) [254079]
    • [Security] JWT content must be signed to be trustworthy [254414]


    • Support resolving of Subtypes [247879]
    • Support resource type (Esri) Table [237467]
    • [Search API] Accept a comma separated list of search fields when creating and updating subindex [237467]
    • Use a "better" fallback field for object names (default, localized) to avoid empty strings in case of missing patterns [253881]
    • Use a display name field as a default short description pattern for object names [254008]



    • [Search Workflow] Search does not work anymore (neither suggestions nor clicking the button) [256500]
    • [Search Engine] Refresh token timeout cannot be read from ArcGIS portal and must thus be configurable in search [250357]
    • [VSW/VSS Integration] Changes to searchable fields made after app creation must synch to search app [251982]
    • Blank error page in Postinstaller when Login is aborted [248099]
    • Create resource from a private feature layer that returns error code 403 instead of 499 [251145]
    • Layer containing a field ESRI_OID cannot be indexed [241443]
    • Message is cut off in the middle of the word [252010]
    • NullPointerException when some VSS app portal item properties are missing [254342]
    • Fixes for issues dicovered during PenTest [254020, 254019]
    • The "List of resources" on the App config page is incorrect after having followed the link from VSWD to a specific resource in VSSD [251629]
    • SaaS with subdomain - not possible to create a new resource because of incorrect refresh token challenge [252164]
    • Cannot create new resource in production / staging SaaS due to incorrectrefresh token challenge [257017]


    Known Issues

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