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VertiGIS Studio Web 5.28.1 Released




  • Official comment
    Cam Barnard

    Davood Kazemi Wouter D'hollander

    Hello everyone.

    We’ve been digging into the reported Workflow issues.

    Here is a summary of what we have found and are ready to release a fix for.

    If you have other examples that don’t match these PLEASE TELL US 😊

    For Auto Complete, Drop Down List, Radio Group

    1. When changing the form element selection via the UI the .value was correctly set. When using the Set Current Form Element Item activity, the .value was not correctly set and was undefined.

    For Drop Down List (The others are fine)

    1. In all cases (via the UI, via the Set Current Form Element Item activity) the .label property was undefined when it should have been populated.

    We also looked at the use case of using the Set Form Element Property activity to set the geometry to undefined … although it is incorrectly leaving the graphic on the map, it is correctly setting the geometry to undefined so we will save this for a later fix.

  • Davood Kazemi

    Thank Cam for update

    but not sure what happened but all workflows are affected and not working as it was working.

    All my workflow stopped working in the change event for dropdowns or radio groups.

  • Cam Barnard

    Davood Kazemi ... received. Will dig in with Workflow team and see what I can find out. 


  • Davood Kazemi

    Thanks Cam,

    I was able to fix a couple of my workflows and not sure what causes this behaviour. but here is my findings:

    - The value of the form element can't be undefined anymore using "set form element property" if we use it in a form event and I needed to replace it with element value templates. for example, for geometry to set the value as undefined, I have to replace the value with

        "refValueType": "geometry",
        "format": "polygon",
      "geometry": []

    In some cases I was using the form component label which I found it's not available in the form element property anymore so I changed it to value data. for example, as you see in the below snips and dropdowns don't have the label property. I'm still digging to restore my workflows and hope it clarifies ai a bit further.

    $form.state.drpComponent.label >>> $  
  • Gareth Evans

    Hey Davood Kazemi  Your post led me to double-check our demo environment after the upgrade.  We hadn't noted any issues following the upgrade in development stage. From what I can tell in my own quick tests, Set/Get Form Element Property both seem to be able to interact with form state and set values on text fields, radio buttons, drop downs and others as expected.

    Here's an example of what we're using on the Government VSW Tax Parcels Search form, where we dynamically populate a checkbox with a selection of parcels. This is logic occurring inside of a change event.

    Can you show us how you'd had those Set Form Element Property activities configured?  

  • Nico Burgerhart

    It would be nice if there was a configuration example for the Basemap Slider.


  • Matthew Wartman


    Here is feedback on the new basemap slider:

    1. The default layer displayed is the layer at the bottom of the config menu. Typically for date series imagery basemaps, you'd want to show the most recent layer first; and the dates on the slider would increase from left to right.  The slider sequence order should be reversed while having the most recent date display first when the layer is selected.


    2. The Info Icon menu shows basemap layers that are not useful to the end user. This should be hidden or pulled from a description of the series layers.  

    3. There are issues with the minimum visibility of some layers with no option to oversample tile layers. For example, if there is variation on the min zoom level available for tiles in series layers, some layers will disappear when zoomed in too far. To avoid this, oversampling should be permitted on all layers (even if this causes lower resolution layers to become pixelated). This could be resolved by including a maximum and minimum scale property for the entire map series and having this setting propagated to all layers in the series.   


  • Matthew Wartman

    The Help links in Web Designer are broken.

  • Cam Barnard

    Nico Burgerhart I posted a sample app and some instructions.

  • Wouter D'hollander

    Hey Gareth Evans,

    I noticed the same bug as Davood Kazemi. I was using the "Set Current Form Element Item" activity with match type 'value'
    It visualise the label correctly in the dropdownbox but I can't get the value back.

    This was working correctly before the upgrade to 5.28. Now I have to dig in all my workflows and add an additional "Set Form Element Property" - activity.

    I hope this bug will be quickly fixed .


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