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[5.38] Add event listener mechanism to display forms




  • Ken Lyon

    Berend Veldkamp Thanks for posting this. I have good news for you. We're currently developing this and it's coming along well. It will likely be VSWF 5.38. The current plan is to list a new "external" event type on the form header:

    Clicking "Add" for external will prompt you for the name of the external event (which would need to be a valid event produced by Web):

    This would then add a new event handler for that particular external event:

    Any time Web fires that event while the form is visible, the event handler will be executed. As with existing events, you will be able to use Get Form Event Data to get details from the event itself.

    I need to add the caveat that this is subject to change as the work is ongoing, but I thought you might want to know.

  • Berend Veldkamp

    Cool, I can't wait! Thanks for letting me know.

    Is there any chance of having a 'Raise Event' workflow activity too, or a command?

  • Ken Lyon

    Berend Veldkamp Yes, we have a User Story for an activity like that in the backlog.


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