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VertiGIS Studio Web 5.27 Released



  • Official comment
    Cam Barnard

    We anticipate renewed interest in Search with the full integration to Web. We are working diligently to get Search up in the .com SaaS environment. It should be available there in the next ~6 business days. Stay tuned!

  • Matthew Wartman

    Happy to see these latest improvements. Thanks! 

    Two gripes with a couple of the new features:

    1) The location note anchor point appears in prints. I understand the anchor point is meant to provide a visual reference for interacting with and moving the existing location note, but it is a visual distraction in prints.

    2) The loading map indicator appears to persist long after the map has loaded. Is there a way to turn this feature off?

  • Cam Barnard

    Matthew Wartman ... for the map loading indicator

    We’ve had several give the same feedback.
    There is currently no way to configure it.
    The next version will still have the loading bar but will not have the black notification pop-up.


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