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VertiGIS Studio Analytics Agent in DMZ



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    Cam Carmichael

    Hi Mark

    Setting up an Agent in the DMZ is fully supported.  For the Agent to be able to connect to the Hub:
    1) The Agent needs to be able to communicate to the Hub server via port 443
    2) Web sockets are allowed

    Agents do not use Windows Authentication to connect to the Hub, Windows Authentication is used as authentication for the Analytics UI.

    So long as there is a connection from the Agent to the Hub, you should be able to access the Analytics UI on the Agent machine to setup the Agent connection to the Hub.  This will require login to the UI, but the Agent will not use this authentication mechanism. If you are able to log in you can follow the directions in the documentation to setup the Agent.

    If you are unable to log into the UI, but the Agent server is able to communicate to the Hub server, you can use the Advanced options while setting up an Agent instead.  Follow the same instructions in the documentation for setting up an Agent, but instead of accessing the Analytics UI on the Agent server you can access it somewhere else and use the Advanced section to copy the authorization information to the Analytics Agent Setup Utility. When performing a manual connection this way, you need to make sure that the URL you use to access the Analytics UI is an address that the Agent server is able to use to connect to the Hub server.

    Hope this answers your question.

  • Peter Rowand

    Mark, just to add: it's great to see the use of VertiGIS Studio Analytics at Esri Canada!
    Is this for your internal investigation or are you setting this up for one of our shared customers? 
    In any event, let me know how I may be able to assist from partner management perspective: /  cell 1 250 686 6312  


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