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Interaction between Vertigis Studio Web and ArcGIS Portal Web maps


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  • Gareth Finney

    I too find this whole webmap concept extremely inefficient when compared to the essentials-based site.xml configuration. We are testing the addition of layers via published AGS REST services, and are experiencing similar quirks with changing simple things like you've mentioned. To make things worse, we currently deploy site.xmls from dev to UAT, and PRD via jenkins jobs - so we only have to make the change once, and deploy from github. SO easy!, yet now with the webmap/portal in between, and unique Id's all over the place, it's becoming harder and harder to achieve this sort of thing in the new world.

    The Item Manager application seems to have potential here, and I've only just started to look at it, but it's still a very manual approach at present.

    Happy for feedback on this also - as we are still in testing phase and have not yet made any solid decisions about moving from Essentials to VSW. 


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