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Update VertiGIS Studio Analytics - update all agents required?



  • Cam Carmichael

    Hi Bart

    The process for updating is to update the Hub - which will then trigger an update for all the Agents automatically. There was a special note in the Release Notes that adds that for a Server 2022 machine, you will need to manually restart the Agent - that will be a one-time step.

    I agree that the Docs don't call this out particularly well - I'll get a new topic added.

    I've also got a story in our backlog to display the version of Agents in the Settings area within the application - to provide visual confirmation that they've been updated.


  • Brandon Mol

    I just updated my hub installation (by running the 1.2 installer.. I assume this is the process, since there are no notes about that) and after half an hours while I logged in to various servers with agents on them and noticed that they have NOT been updated to 1.2. They are all still running agent v 1.1, including the agent on the Hub server. All agents are properly reporting in to the hub and showing alive. Running Windows Server 2016

    I think there needs to be some documentation on this process ASAP. I'll contact support to help Dx what is up with this, but there was no auto-updating of agents as mentioned.




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