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Global Search does not return results found all at once



  • Nico Burgerhart

    The different order for the different layers in the result is caused by the parallel execution of the query requests. It is dependent on the response time of the requests which result is shown first, second, etc.

  • João Pinheiro

    Hi Nico,

    Thank you for your answer. However, the situation I refer to is not in the order in which the results are presented, but rather the totality of the results. 

    When I do a search for the value "8/22", this value is present in 71 layers in total. However, not all layers with this value are displayed when I first request it. 
    If I make a new request, more layers are returned where this value is present, that were not returned in the first request. See the image below, in the first two prints on the left side, for one request 67 results were returned, and for the second request made for the same value, 64 results were returned. Where from the first to the second result, the layer "(10)Diversos" appears and in the second request the layer "(10) Diversos" no longer appears in the result, appearing the layer "(7) Informação Prévia", the remaining layers appear correctly in both requests.

    The expected result for the request with the value "8/22", would be "(14) Comunicações Prévias", "(41) Processos Lic.", "(2)Loteamento", "(10)Diversos" and "(7) Informação Prévia", which gives the total of 71 results. The order of the layers in the results list is not a problem.


  • Gareth Evans

    Hey João Pinheiro have a look at the browser network traffic (via dev tools). A Global Search is done via a query to the ArcGIS service, so we should see a query request with some inputs and a response. We can then dissect the query being done.


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