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    Sorry, I don't have the solution.  I have the same problem.  Its consistently intermittent.  We set up about 20 editing apps with individual non-pooled services.  Each site uses 1 non-pooled service and 1 pooled service (serves the basemap layers).  At first, when we had 9 editing apps deployed we were doing ok.  But then we deployed another batch of 11 and we were getting the following errors:   '(default)@EMD/EM_STATE_ROADVIEWER_GEOCORTEX' is invalid or currently unavailable. Underlying cause: Client found response content type of 'text/html; charset=utf-8', but expected 'text/xml'

    sometimes we get this one:   Unable to find ID of layer with name 'Point Road Closures and Events'. The map resource could not be found/initialized. Parameter name: mapResource

    Often times the basemap layers just go blank.  You can see the non-pooled editing service but you can't see the output from the pooled basemap service.  You can, however, identify the basemap service layers.

    But, by far, the most common error is:  The ArcGIS Server Internet map service 'basemap' with definition 'Basemap Layers@MNDOT_COMMON_LAYERS_GEOCORTEX' is invalid or currently unavailable. Underlying cause: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

    We thought it was due to resources so we added another SOC to the set up: 2 servers with 2 SOMS and 3 SOCs.  Still we have the problem.  Then we split the non-pooled services.  Put 10 on one server and 10 on the other.  That helped reduce the errors.  So that tells me its a resource problem.  However, other clients like arcmap don't render the errors - it seems to be just Geocortex. 

    I'm going to rebuild my app using the esri out-of-the-box web applications tools and see if I get the same errors.  If I don't get the errors, I'll probably have to scrap the geocortex apps for the esri ones.  That would be disappointing.



  • Jenni Hoang


    Yakeen,   Check ArcGIS Server Service, make sure it's running (Started).  Or check to make sure the service name you hit (egis) is correct.  Some time I found it's case sensitive...   -jh


  • Permanently deleted user

    I'm wondering if this issue was resolved.  We are having the same problem.  Frequent messages that the Overview map service is invalid or unavailable.

    This only seems to happen with certain Geocortex websites.  Other Geocortex sites continue to function, including ones that consume the same overview map service.  ESRI out-of-the-box web apps also function.

    The problem is temporarily resolved by restarting IIS.  however, the problem comes back within an hour or so.


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