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Using UNC for URI in Framework.xml



  • Permanently deleted user
    The second format you listed is the correct one: Uri= file://vdxdde0x/ArcGIS_Intranet/GeocortexWorking/KevinRiMapExtended2/Site.xml

    Try opening the Site.xml file in a browser using this Uri. Does the file open? Ensure that the permissions have been set correctly that the identities running the Essentials app pools (by default Essentials and EssentialsAdmin) can see and write to the folder.


  • Kevin Rathgeber


    Everything appears correct....I can load the file using that URI from that server as the user specifeid in the EssentialsManagerAppPool.   I decided to run process monitor to see what was happening and noticed something interesting.   What I did is I captured the file events from the point of log on to the point where the default page showing the list of sites loads in Geocortex manager.  My other sites that use relative paths list fine.  The one I am having problems with displays: Invalid Site: Site.xml referenced by SiteLocation is invalid.   Process monitor never shows an attempt to access that file however I see one strange item.  There is a CreateFile operation (9 times) that attempts to create that file in the exact same path, but instead of UNC it attempts to place it on the C drive.  It is taking this unc path file://vdxdde0x/arcgis_intranet/GeocortexWorking/KevinRiMapExtended2/Site.xml and trying to create the following file at this path: c:\arcgis_intranet\GeocortexWorking\KevinRiMapExtended2\Site.xml.  Basically it has replaced the (file://vdxdde0x/) \\vdxdde0x with c:   I have tested by changing the path in the Framework.xml file and the c drive path changes accordingly.  Removing the site fromt he framework.xml file removes the create file attempts.   But as I said, process monitor never shows an attempt to access that file via the unc path (the unc path resides on the same server as Geocortex).    
  • Kevin Rathgeber
    A little more information: So the problem I have been experiencing is on 2008 Server.  The problem so far only affects Geocortex Essentials Manager.  I can actually load the site in Essentials with no problem.  That may help narrow it down a bit.   I decided to try this on a 2003 R2 Server and have gotten a little farther.  Essentials Manager on the 2003 server does not display the red icon beside the site name as it does on my 2008 server.   If I select the site I am able to go in and look at what has been set for that site (on the 2008 server when I select the site it gives me a message box indicating: Cannot open SiteName.) .  Now if I make a change on the 2003 server and go to save the changes, the following happens:  The changes are written to the file successfully, but I do get an error during the save process as follows (please note the bolded area):   System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: Server was unable to process request. ---> System.ArgumentException: URI formats are not supported.


       at System.IO.Path.NormalizePathFast(String path, Boolean fullCheck)


       at System.IO.Path.GetFullPathInternal(String path)


       at System.IO.Directory.CreateDirectory(String path, DirectorySecurity directorySecurity)


       at Geocortex.Essentials.Management.Data.XMLSiteMergeRulesService.CreateMergeRules()


       at Geocortex.Essentials.Management.Data.XMLDataSourceManagement.EnableSiteMergeRules(String siteID, String uriPath)


       at Geocortex.Essentials.Management.Data.XMLDataSourceManagement.SaveSiteMergeRules(String siteID, Object mergeRules)


       at Geocortex.Essentials.Management.Data.XMLDataSourceManagement.ValidateAndSaveSiteSettingsActual(String siteID, Site site, MergeRules mergeRules, Boolean save, String& failureReason)


       at Geocortex.Essentials.Management.Data.XMLDataSourceManagement.ValidateAndSaveSiteSettings(String siteID, XmlDocument siteXml, XmlDocument mergeRulesXml, String& failureReason)


       at Geocortex.Essentials.Management.WebServices.Management.ValidateAndSaveSiteSettings(String siteID, XmlDocument siteXml, XmlDocument mergeRulesXml, String& failureReason)


       --- End of inner exception stack trace ---


       at System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapHttpClientProtocol.ReadResponse(SoapClientMessage message, WebResponse response, Stream responseStream, Boolean asyncCall)


       at System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapHttpClientProtocol.Invoke(String methodName, Object[] parameters)


       at Geocortex.Essentials.Management.ManagementWS.GeocortexEssentialsManagerWebServices.ValidateAndSaveSiteSettings(String siteID, XmlNode siteXml, XmlNode mergeRulesXml, String& failureReason)


       at Geocortex.Essentials.Management.Data.ClientManagement.ValidateAndSaveSiteSettings(String siteID, Object site, Object mergeRules, String& failureReason)


       at Geocortex.Essentials.Management.UI.PropertySheets.AbstractPropertySheet.SaveSiteSettings(String localSiteName, Site localSite, MergeRules localMergeRules, String& failureReason)


       at Geocortex.Essentials.Management.UI.PropertySheets.LayerListPropertySheetPanel.ButSaveClick(Object sender, EventArgs e)


    If we can concentrate on the 2003 server I can probably get a littler farther.  We can avoid the 2008 server issue for now.


  • Kevin Rathgeber
    I think I know what your code is doing.  I am now on 2.3.1 and am running into the same problems.  In my post on 3/24/2010 9:24am I indicated that Process Monitor is indicating an attempt to open file from the C drive by replacing the server name in the UNC with c:   So lets use this URI as the example Uri= (file://vdxdde0x/ArcGIS_Intranet/GeocortexWorking/KevinRiMapExtended2/Site.xml) file://vdxdde0x/ArcGIS_Intranet/GeocortexWorking/KevinRiMapExtended2/Site.xml   The path it is trying to open is c:\ (file://vdxdde0x/ArcGIS_Intranet/GeocortexWorking/KevinRiMapExtended2/Site.xml) ArcGIS_Intranet\GeocortexWorking\KevinRiMapExtended2\Site.xml   I think  the following is happening in your code.  You are creating a new object of type URI.  You then use the absolute path property of that object to attempt open the file.  The absolute path of the URI I specified above is: / (file://vdxdde0x/ArcGIS_Intranet/GeocortexWorking/KevinRiMapExtended2/Site.xml) ArcGIS_Intranet/GeocortexWorking/KevinRiMapExtended2/Site.xml   This partially explains why it drops the server name and then tries to open from the C drive.   Once again I will reiterate - The Essentials app will open this site properly and allow us to view the map.  It is manager that is not working and will not allow us to modify the site.xml files through the manager system.
  • Permanently deleted user
    I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for or not, but when I created UNC hyperlinks on a layer I had to use this format: file://///netdrives/engr/Documents/Drawings/{PlanNo}.tif and when I wanted to use drive lettering it looked like this: file://e|Documents/Drawings/{PlanNo}.tif



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