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  • Nico Burgerhart
    I'm not sure if the original post was for the Silverlight Viewer or the HTML5 viewer. I see this behaviour in the HTML5 viewer.
    If you draw a circle around text and zoom in or out, the text is scaled differently compared to the circle.
  • Permanently deleted user

    That's because the text is set in "points" and the geometries are in-scale with the map.
    As you zoom in, your box width will remain (therefore become smaller),
    but the TEXT will resize to 10 points and become big compared to the scale of the map.


    What we need:
    1. Ability to size text in meters on the ground , I want a big letter "A" 20 meters tall on the ground and keep that geographical size (and not font points size on a computer screen)

    2. Ability to type in multiple lines of text. I mean come-on:) my users have to copy & paste 3 lines of text and draw them on the map before printing : they have to copy 3x and create a new text markup 3x - Why can't the markup text be multi-line ? (obviously option (1) above will impact this)



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