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Modify Measure Tool for Bearings and Angles



  • Permanently deleted user
    Hi Bill, Angle and Bearing is currently available in the measurement tools for the HTML5 viewer since version 2.4. The measurements now can appear in a table format and there will be two columns for Angle and Bearing.
    This will show up by default in any new viewers that you create for a site.
    If you want to add this for an upgraded viewer (from before 2.4.):
    - Edit the configuration files for your viewer (Desktop.json.js and tablet.json.js)
    - Search for the text: "moduleName": "Results"
    - Within the module configuration, find the following:
    "Measurement": [ ]
    And change it for:
    "Measurement": [
    Hope it helps

  • Cattyann Campbell
    Thanks but it would be nice to have this show up when you are measuring on the display as well as the table.
    Also would be nice if you could use the items in the table to draw another feature or export.
  • Bobby Jo Close
    Thank you for this Alejandro. Is it possible to change the coordinates returned? I would prefer that WGS84 Lat/Long be shown rather than my default of my application. Web Mercator in my case.
    Thanks again,
    Bobby Jo
  • Permanently deleted user
    Thanks for the information Alejandro. It helped.

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