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Edit Display Name of default Geographic Coordinate System



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    I also would like to know how to do this
  • Permanently deleted user
    A user typically won't know what Default Geographic Coordinate System WKID: 4326 when using the Plot Coordinates Tool. I adjusted the setting in GE within the viewer to make them look prettier and added a 2nd coordinate system. So yes love the Alias idea.

    Let's take it up a notch and have the GE Map Module reference the ESRI Coordinate list with pretty alias too so you don't have to go back and forth trying to locate them and name them.

    I'll also add that when looking at Min/Max scale on same Map Module page instead have it pick a drop down list from say "Bing/ArcGIS Online"

    I think this page is a great asset to control and enhance the viewers but is overlooked by many folks due to all the funcitons and understanding of Coordinate Systems you have to know as the GE Manager. Picks lists, etc would make it easier for the GE Manager as well as the end user.


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