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Find data/Identify by circle with radius measurement display on the fly



  • Permanently deleted user
    I like this idea very much, and just planned to add exactly the same idea.

  • Steffen Helgerod
    I have created a matching icon if you would like it, flick me an email!

    Cheers Steffen
  • Steffen Helgerod
    I am very surprised that this idea has had near zero traction :( I would have through selecting/identifing by a circle and being able to see the radius distance on the fly as you extend out the circle would be a basic requirement. My staff do simple tasks like select all properties within 100 metres of a proposed phone tower to do mail merges or selecting all properties within 50 metres from an accident site etc. One can only wish :) Current work around is use measure distance to draw outwards the distance you need and then identify with the custom identify circle towards the end of drawn measure line.

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