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Generating preview not working



  • Stefan Schweigert

    Hello Minbin,


    The Preview hanging could be a number of things, but the most likely issue is that data from a connection or the included web map is unable to be gathered. In this case, it looks as though you've got a basic image and text, so it might have been a temporary issue with the service.


    How long did you wait for the report to complete?


    Thanks, Stefan

  • Permanently deleted user

    I just started testing Reporting 5 and I'm running into the same issues with Preview never completing successfully. I tried it with the Esri sampleserver URL used in the tutorial as well as our own publicly available AGS service. WF5 must be able to connect to the service because it retrieves all the table and layer info okay.

    It did work initially but after the first couple edits/previews it has stopped completely. The browser console shows that no objects are being returned by the calls (generated by serviceUtils.ts).

    Any ways to debug this issue?

  • Permanently deleted user

    Hey Minbin,


    Thank you for attaching the screen shot while showing the console; I was able to spot that your previews are completing, however, Chrome is blocking Designer from opening them in a new tab automatically.


    Log back into the designer and run another preview, when the dialog disappears, click the icon I have highlighted below and enable pop-ups for the page. You future previews will open automatically.



    @Peter Hanmore? Take a look to see if this also the case on your side.






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