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Support for labels from ArcGIS Online feature layers



  • Permanently deleted user
    I've been told this is filed as improvement GVH-7463 (also for Portal). I hope this is important enough to other people to upvote!
  • Permanently deleted user

    To fill in more details, the below post adds more details to this idea. Basically Geocortex is consuming Feature Services for some layers in which users use Geocortex to edit data stored in an enterprise geodatabase (SDE). The editing data portion works great, but the fact that feature services do not support labels in GCX inhibits the editing workflow for users. I'm considering adding the feature service to the layer catalog so most users view the web service (with labels) by default. For the few users editing data, they will need to then add the seemingly identical layer to their map for editing.

  • Matt Fossey

    Has this progressed at all, or is it still a current issue?


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