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Page Count in Report Footer



  • Gareth Evans

    Hi Belinda! Excellent question. What you're looking for is the Page Info Control.




    The Page Info control is used to add basic report information to the report, such as the page number or the date. This information is typically placed in the page footer, group footer or bottom margin. To set what information appears in a Page Info control, open the Properties panel and select one of the provided options for the Page Information property.

    There are a few different options for setting page numbers using the Page Information property. These include:

    • Page Number – Displays the current page number.

    • Current of Total (1) – Displays the current page number and the total number of pages in the report.

    • Page Number (Roman, Lowercase) – Displays the current page number in lowercase Roman numerals.

    • Page Number (Roman, Uppercase) – Displays the current page number in uppercase Roman numerals.

    Page Count – Displays the total number of pages.



  • Belinda Kerr

    Exactly what I was after!

    Thank you Gareth?


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