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    Ryan Cooney

    This isn't the full solution you are looking for, but there is a sample workflow that can export the current map image to a georeferenced PDF. It uses two activity packs to make this happen.

    In Workflow Designer go to File > New > Add Georeferenced Map Image To PDF.

  • Sheri Norton

    I concur! Our end users would like to bring in georeferenced PDFs into the Avenza app so this capability as a default (similar to exporting maps in ArcGIS Pro) would be very helpful and appreciated.

  • Mike Diss-Torrance

    How does one leverage those PDF workflow activities alongside the “Run Print” activity? While the “Run Print” outputs a PDF document, the resultant PDF document does not seem to be accessible to the PDF workflow activities. 

    I tried:

    1. Run Print - input a print template, outputs URL to the PDF
    2. Send Web request - input a URL of the PDF, outputs a blob
    3. Add Georeference to PDF - input blob, output blob
    4. Download File - input blob, then downloads the PDF to the user's computer

    No matter what I try, it crashes in step 3. I also tried to skip the georeference part and go from step 2 to 4. There too, it crashes.

    Overall, other than using the map screenshot, I'd like to add our logo and include a small disclaimer. Can I do that through a print template, or do I need to apply a different approach?


  • Ryan Cooney

    Mike Diss-Torrance, I think the issue you are seeing is that the Send Web Request blob output is actually an ArrayBuffer and not a Blob

    You can use the Create File activity, to create a File (which is a Blob) from the web request, then pass this result to the Add Georeference To PDF activity.

    Overall, what you are attempting is possible, but parts of it are going to be tricky. The Add Georeference To PDF activity needs the bounding coordinates of the map. When you use the Run Print activity, you can supply extent and scale input values, however the extent can change depending on the supplied scale and the aspect ratio of the map image. There is a bunch of math required to compute the "final" extent that you would have to replicate in your workflow.

    If all you want is a logo and disclaimer it might be easier to adapt the existing Add Georeferenced Map Image To PDF sample to use the Add Image To PDF and Add Text To PDF activities.


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