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Seeing a Report Generation Failed Error. When I look via Dev Tools seeing Reporting.js:1 Reporting5 Error: [ServiceReportFailedError] : undefined -> []



  • Kristie Swinkels

    Dear Ted, 

    I have the same problem at the moment. Do you remember what the fix was?


    Kind regards, 

    Kristie Swinkels

  • Gareth Evans

    Hi Kristie Swinkels This error looks like a network request failed between the reporting server and portal. For context, the Reporting server runs a report by requesting the definition from the portal where it was saved at runtime and then populates the report given the provided feature information from the client. To me it sounds like the Reporting server is saying "I went here to this item to get the report definition, and I got a weird response that isn't a report so I can't do anything" and bails out. In Ted's case, and this was 3 years ago it was posted, that specific URL doesn't work at all. 

    For you, it could be that there's no network route between the reporting server and the portal, or that the report app item no longer exists at the expected URL, content of the specific report item, or if you're running this via Workflow even just a typo in in the Workflow.

    I'd check the app item URL of your report that you're referencing to confirm it exists where you expect, and if that's the case that it's accessible in a browser from the reporting server. If both those succeed, that tells us it's not a network issue and perhaps a configuration logic one or maybe content of the Report itself.


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