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IWA / web tier secure ArcGIS Server service needing web credentials? Why?



  • Ryan Cooney

    The Web Username and Web Password are only for non-federated ArcGIS Servers that are secured with Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA). Geocortex Reporting does not (and will not) support IWA impersonation of the end user. This is why you need to supply credentials for this case.


    If you are using a portal federated ArcGIS Server (which could also use IWA) then reporting uses the ArcGIS access token of the user running the report or using the designer to access ArcGIS Server. It does not do IWA impersonation here. It just uses the access token.



  • Ryan Kelley

    Thanks Ryan. Where does the credential get stored, and how can we update it every 60 days (realistically)? We have expiring passwords in the government.

  • Emily Renkema

    Bumping this one up. We are looking at federating our Server and doing research as to what we might encounter. We also use IWA and have expiring passwords every 90 days. Any info is much appreciated!


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