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Query Attachment Names to Limit Images on Report




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    Ryan Cooney

    This is a great idea! And thank you all for the detailed use cases.

    We are working on the ability to provide a string filter to both attachment controls. What we have in mind should work perfectly for the Survey123 use case where you have predictable keywords that the filter can match exactly.

    If your use case requires some sort of fuzzy matching of the filter text to the keywords please add some details to this post or send us an email. At the moment our designs don't support that.


  • Claire Inbody

    Margaret - Did you ever figure out how to do this?




  • Andrew Kesterton

    Hi Margaret, Claire, 

    I have a similar use case where I want to show the signature attachments in a different part of the report from attached images.  To date we've done this by putting the signatures into a repeat question (we're also using Survey123) and then adding them in. 

    Hopefully the feature attachments control in Reporting can be updated to take account of the Keywords that are saved with the images, as this is how Survey123 allocates them back to the relevant signature question.  e.g. if your signature is saved in a question with the name "reported_by_signature" then this available when querying for attachments at the feature service level.  See the example below querying for attachments on the feature service at https://your_server/server/rest/services/Hosted/service_name/FeatureServer/0/3/attachments 

    For the moment the only way I could think to filter attachments, either using the attachment name or the keyword property is by using a script in the report, but this solution doesn't seem to support secured services. 

    Sorry this doesn't seem to help much either, but hopefully someone from Vertigis can pop in and advise if they have a feature planned to use the keyword. 


  • Peter MacKenzie

    This would be awesome. You can certainly control the placement and selection of images by combining the forces of multi-feature attachments and sub-reports (Vertigis) with Nested repeats (S123) but on the ESRI web GIS side it becomes very complicated to just show all the attachments in a popup. Link and Link

    If you could keep the images captured in a S123 form at the parent level and filter them out in the report that would give better control over images in VS reports while having all the images in in the popup on the web GIS side. Example: WATER text then WATER images, page break, SOIL text then SOIL images etc.

     in the near future of S123 is the ability to name your attachments a bit more intelligently too so this will go hand in hand with this functionality. Link

    Fuzzy / wildcard querying would be key here - so you can simply say filter where att_name Like '%water_img%' to show water images (or att_name Like %signature%).

    Example of wildcard in filter expression ...

    attachment naming at S123 vers 3.14.281. You can see how each image has a unique name so you'd either have to filter based on tag or have a wildcard in play. 


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