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We have Moved!



  • Jeff Timm

    Congrats!  Have issues signing in with Chrome but no issues with Edge or Firefox in case anyone else is running into the same.

  • Chris Carr-White

    Congrats on going live!

    FYI - no issues with Chrome here Jeff Timm.

    Quick question for you though, Malcolm Walker - where exactly will product downloads reside?  Will these live here in the VertiGIS Community as well?

  • Malcolm Walker
    • Community-Manager

    Hi Chris, we'll be hosting downloads outside the Community, details will be made available when that site is ready.

  • Jesse Joe

    Exciting times ahead - Looking forward to connecting with the user community

  • Nicole Peters

    Malcolm Walker Any plan for being able to access the product downloads until the new site is ready? Requests to the current geocortex community links either timeout or are getting flagged for malware. This is incredibly frustrating.

  • Eric Kriener

    Malcolm Walker, logging in on Chrome is an issue for me as well.

  • Malcolm Walker
    • Community-Manager

    Hi Eric (and others who might have trouble), we found that the DuckDuckGo Security Essentials plug-in for Chrome was interfering with sign-in for Jeff Timm.  The symptom was a popup saying Invalid Authenticity Token - so if people are seeing that, consider disabling it or any similar anti-tracking software temporarily, or adding an exclusion to the site so you can sign in.

    I will forward this issue along to the provider of our support platform, I do want people to be able to sign in with whatever plugins they choose!



  • Jamal Numan

    I wanted to access an old post but got the issue below.

    How this can be resolved?






  • Gareth Evans

    We migrated (a majority of) forum posts to the Community. You should be able to find them in the new Community by searching for the subject. As Nico found, the above post is the same topic after being migrated.

    Thanks for finding that Nico Burgerhart!


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