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Show graphic from workflow in report feature picture box



  • Ryan Cooney

    Hi Claire,

    The Feature Picture Box isn't aware of how a feature might be highlighted in the client application.

    What you are trying to do is possible, but you have to use the Map Picture Box control (only available if you have also licensed Printing) and you need to set the "Include Map" property to true on the "Run Report" activity.

    There are some limitations to this:

    • It prints the current map view, so depending on what your workflow and user have just done, it may not be exactly centered on the feature the way it was with the Feature Picture Box. If you need more control you can used the "Generate Webmap for Report" activity to create and fine-tune the map state that gets sent to the report, but this is getting more complicated.
    • This really only makes sense when you are reporting on a single feature. If you are trying to report on many features this won't get you one map image per feature.


  • Claire Inbody

    Thanks Ryan Cooney. I used the Generate Webmap Report and worked perfect. 


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