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Essentials Adding Halo to Lines & Points



  • Amanda Frech

    Essentials defaults to using the PNG8 format when it gets images from your map services.  It's quick and cheap in terms of bandwidth, but PNG8 doesn't have partial transparency support.  That ends up sometimes causing white-ish parts on feature edges when the service is actually trying to soften the edges with some semi-transparent pixels.

    The fix is:

    1. Open Essentials Manager
    2. Go to the Map Services tab in the Map page
    3. Click Edit next to the map service that has the issue (drawing with halos)
    4. Go to the Display Settings tab
    5. Change the "Image Format" dropdown to PNG32

    PNG32 supports partial transparency and show draw correctly.

  • Jenna Gosselin


    Thank you so much for your response! It's working prefectly now.


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