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Integrate ArcGIS Enterprise without login



  • Bill Everingham

    I've recently had this issue with 4.14 and Arc 11 enterprise.  I had no security on a site and it prompted for a ArcEnterprise login.  I found creating a new site resolved the issue for me.

  • Ravin Hasseea

    Thanks for the post Bill. 

    Have you secured the services in portal?

    I am using a proxy, which has the credentials to connect to the services. There are no permissions set in Geocortex. I have created a new site, but still get prompted to login.

    If I just use public services from portal, there is no prompt to login.

  • Mike Ketler


    My recommendation would be to load the viewer, sign into ArcGIS Enterprise, and then use the developer tools to ensure all requests with a Portal token are infact going through the configured proxy correctly.


    Mike Ketler


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